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When we tap into the creative power of our own mind and heart, we can magically pull towards us all that we desire to create the life of our dreams. If you desire the right leads, money and opportunities for your business you have to be a magnet for that.

Attracting the right resources starts with YOU!

It’s not your product...
It’s not your business opportunity…
It’s not even the services you provide….

It’s YOU!!!

Here’s the truth…all the ingredients to create a profitable online business …which opens the doorway to freedom and happiness is available to you right now.

You already possess the ability to have it, you just haven’t been given the right formula to magnetically attract it!

The most successful entrepreneurs know a profitable business begins and ends with attraction, so to bring in more leads, money, and opportunity you must become Magnetic!

become a magnentic entrepreneur

I see business owners struggling, making huge investments with their time and money, only to come up short handed and with nothing to show for it but discouragement, frustration, and debt.

It’s time to end the struggle, stop spinning your wheels and reset your momentum towards profit and results.

Strong profitable businesses need a clear vision, heart-based intention, and profitable inspired action!

Put it all together and you have the Be Magnetic plan for success!

find clarity in your vision

Dreams can come true, but first, you must be clear on YOU!  Finding clarity on who you are, what you believe, and what you stand for is essential for creating the larger picture that evolves into your business and newly created lifestyle.

It is the expression of your clear vision which becomes your brand. 


share your heart’s intention & message

Heart-based Intention is the spark that becomes your mission and establishes a brand message that resonates with your target audience, build trust and attracts your tribe.  Learning how to use your message effectively through your content attracts new clients without "selling" and that feels liberating! 

take profitable inspired action

Inspired Actions are intentional, observable, and consistent steps that achieve your business goals and create the movement towards financial freedom.

These profitable business practices are targeted and focused activities that resonate with your Vision and Intention while leaving you with a sense of balance.

If you can remove yourself from your business and it's still bringing in profit... you have achieved success!


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Hey, I am Gena...

I am a business consultant, author and certified hypnotist who has supported individuals in "doing their best thinking" for over 20 years.

As an online coach and mentor, I teach entrepreneurs and small business owners how to release their blocks to success
while creating individualized strategies to help them attract more leads, opportunity, and money for their businesses.

Following a step by step process which creates a clear vision, powerful intention, and profitable action, I help struggling business owners find hope. 

My clients learn how to create a more profitable business through mindfulness exercises, creative visualization, data-based decision making, and Attraction Marketing strategies.


Gena is an absolute Gem! She comes from a place of absolute authenticity and she knows what she's doing when it comes to business!

Sabrina Barella, Your Freedom Track Affiliate Marketing


Wow!  In just a few short weeks Gena has helped us take our passion from a hobby to a business! We knew we had a strong concept, but were overwhelmed by how to monetize it.  Gena’s wisdom, patience and business acumen have led us to creating an income producing on-line business.  We have gone from being overwhelmed and directionless, to waking up each day excited to work! For anyone wanting to grow a business, whether new or established, and gain confidence, clarity and vision, do yourself a favor and start working with Gena! Thank you, Gena! 

Janet Sokollof, LSW and Michael Gross, The Wingman's Path to Positivity

Learn the art of Attraction Marketing and transform your business in less than 30 days!

Step by step process featuring the Be Magnetic plan for success! 


Boy did Gena help me understand Facebook. Now I have a Fanpage, professional profile, and new private Facebook group for my fans and followers. I have an online presence that puts me in front of potential clients from all over the world. Now if she can only get me a date!

Carole Tollen, Master Psychic Medium


Gena has had a profound impact on my business and my life. I’ve always struggled with focus and follow through. I would get to a certain level of success and inevitably find ways to self sabotage myself.
Gena really helped me to identify and release those hidden blocks that kept sabotaging my success. She then helped me to focus on the important tasks that give me the most results. The end result is that my business is taking off to new levels and I feel focused and productive. I seem to have more time for the things I enjoy while at the same time growing my business and enjoying the ride. Thank You Gena!

Keith Guenther,  E-Commerce

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